A few years ago I had a dream: from where I was a luminous trail started, a bright light that unrolled along the road to the Clock Tower and from there it went up and up until a flower of light appeared on the top, a very bright, powerful flower. a flower of light like a flag, like an exposed gift.

So the flower escapes from any frame and place and comes to the city. He climbs the highest tower – that of the Bells – and stands on the highest point of view.
And from there it sees the surrounding area from a bird’s eye view, up to the mountains and the sea.

… and sees the network of buildings that have covered the previous green mantle like a sticky web, the wild lands near my studio no longer have wet, secret areas of flourishing spontaneous vegetation … every year something happens: new roundabouts breaks the straight sign of the Roman roads, trees are uprooted, the secret basins of water drained … the previously uninterrupted countryside around the ancient city, with farms, stables and fields – the market for cows, plants and seeds is increasingly covered with concrete and made sterile.

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I prepare the works for the exhibition at the Tower in the occasion of the Flower Festival and I look at the concrete texture that expands from the city center with warehouses and dumps on the green part of the map from all sides.
I draw the ancient city at the base – an indelible and strong identity for its citizens – and that wildfire grid that deprives it of the crown of fields and of its nature. I am thinking of a redemption of the green.
But I keep that dream. I don’t fully understand its meaning.
I know I have to make that flower that explodes with light on top.
So I have to come out into the open, find the courage to throw the dice.
I show the project to Francesco who enthusiastically shares it with all the pro loco and start looking for sponsors to make it happen.
The doors open in front of that vision and the bureaucracy is overcome in one leap.
I think it is not only mine, that vision is for the city


It is 7.30 pm on April  11. This flower needs the blue of the evening – it would need an autumn night, but it is the summer solstice.

It is 9.30 pm and finally … I see it
People are calling  me on the phone and I go out into the street …
You can see it from miles away …

It is an apparition! an enchantment, an intense shine … I am happy.
They call me – we are all happy that we worked on it – as if we had done a great undertaking, something that will remain in the memory of the city and ours.
Those who have worked on it look at it with a sense of protection, intimacy, affection. So whoever forged it with his hands felt its curves as I felt them, together we mounted the lights with continuous hesitation and trepidation. Thus the girls who made the heart grow with luminescent fabrics with me.
All as we had done a great feat, something that will remain in the memory of the city and in ours.
It immediately gives us great joy and fullness.

My friend Angela, who is also a friend of the whole city, called me full of joy and admiration. “Is gorgeous! I felt a beautiful thing and I enjoyed this flower inside me. A strong mark in the city made by a woman. Everyone appreciates it, even the people who walk in front of her do it with her ”she tells me.

There are always those who stop to take pictures in the evening. Facebook is full of them. I am surprised by the very strong impact, its power to say and not to reveal and yet to be understood by everyone, at different levels, with different intentions and explanations.

Is it a white dream hoisted like a prayer? or is it rather a festive town light? (… the power of the town lights is strong! Ancestral worship the light in ceremonies).

It is an art installation, but also a “thing” made by many and by everyone. But what is it that makes this magic so strong? Suddenly an original, profound meaning is revealed to me … its unconscious and symbolic meaning emerges. It is the apparition of the feminine who covers the city tower in white. A flower like a hand that points to an ascent, to a white lunar light, unifying, enveloping, maternal.

I will know later that the tulip flower means: declaration of love … so be it!

So I understand what the object of my artistic work was: love for an entire city.
The Noalesi love artists, musicians, they smile at them, respect them like the French of Provence and I think it depends on the customary bond with the beauty of the countryside. They love to dress up as medieval people and do the traditional districts, the palio, the threshing festival, the piroa paroea. They also made processions around the city limits as the descendants of the Cimbri from the Asiago plateau still do with the great Rogation.

Sometimes the dream of making it a small Renaissance citadel of culture emerges and this would be its vocation that flows from the beauty of this land, its fields and waters. Art will be able to preserve the beauty of this city.

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The work FLOWERS? ended with the release of the “Flower”: from my studio a trail of light spread over the street, crossed the square and finally climbed the medieval tower showing a tulip of light. Thus was born the Tulip on Tower – a Flower for the city. Below the video showing the phases of installation and assembly and also a timelapse from day to evening

Learn more  HERE     the e.book TULIP on TOWER published by Vanilla Edizioni


copertina catalogo FLOWERS? a cura di Luigi Meneghelli, 2009
catalogo generale FLOWERS?, 2016 - Raccolta di tutte le opere "FLOWERS?"