«I love the possibility»
Emily Dickinson

The recent scientific string theory – which recalls other dimension beyond the visible one – inspired me the insertion of different , but contemporaries senses plans  to create a plurality of worlds of meanings, potential theaters for unexpected re-reading of reality free from all kind of values’ hierarchy. The artworks become parts of possible compositions, recombinations which creates mental environments and different meanings.

Stories change the roles, meaning and perspective to donate space and a potentially infinity to allow in unexpected spaces from every point, to multiply access doors to interpretation and meanings, to stake the certain and the vision prejudice, to underline the preconception fragility.

8 artworks on cotton paper 50×70 cm. mounted on curved plexi and retro illuminated, zinc plates
2 artworks on plexi and acetates 10 scultptures in crete, stones, extruded.
20 drawings  on cotton paper, different measures
art book