The work Femminicidio arises from the desire to preserve the memory of women victims of gender-based violence. A work in progress that, since 2015, highlights their faces and reinvests them with the dignity that their murderers have tried to erase.

They are china portraits on cotton paper based on photographs published by the pres. The overall view of all these victims gives a deeper meaning to the phenomenon, far from the image presented by the media.


Femminicidio is a site-specific work in continuous evolution and declination, resulting from the combination of different expressive mediums: the drawings are accompanied by video projections, music, textual narratives, performances.

The work aims to be available to institutions and associations to raise awareness and make known this drama that highlights the conception of women in our society. For this reason, recently the work tends to come out of the closed exhibition rooms to show itself to the city and project itself on the walls of symbolic buildings such as towers and palaces.

Palazzo Valdina a Roma | Camera dei deputati
Barchessa Giustinian Morosini
Museo Civico di Chioggia

The work has been exhibited in various museums and cultural spaces:

  • Noale (Ve) Clock tower, on invitation by Comune di Noale | External video-installation Femminicidio 2021 | november 2021 —-> READ MORE
  • Treviso, auditorium CGIL Treviso | Le donne, il linguaggio, la violenza | solo exhibition, 23-25.11.2021 —-> READ MORE
  • Museo Civico of Chioggia  (Venezia) | Femminicidio 2015-2019 | november 23 – december 6 2019 —-> READ MORE
  • Museo Mineralogico Luciano Dabroi of Andora (Savona) | Femminicidio 2015-2017 | july 7 – july 9 2018 —-> READ MORE
  • Barchessa Giustinian Morosini in Mirano (Venezia) | Femminicidio 2015-2018 | november 17 – december 2 2018 —-> READ MORE
  • Villa da Ponte in Montorso Vicentino (Vicenza)  – Femminicidio 2015-2017 a cura di Associazione Miti e Mete | september 28 – october 7 2018 —-> READ MORE
  • Venezia Mestre Via Piave – Donne uccise – november 11 – december 3 2017
  • Regional headquarters of CGIL in Venice and Provincial headquarters of CGL Regione Veneto | Femminicidio 2015-2017 —-> READ MORE
  • Palazzo Valdina – Camera dei deputati (Rome) | Femminicidio 2015-2017 | november 22 – december 3 2017 —-> READ MORE
  • SNOQ Venezia – Flash Mob Femminicidio – Mestre (VE) november 30, 2012 —-> VIDEO
  • Flash Mob at Piazzetta Toniolo, Mestre (VE) 2015 —-> VIDEO