Installation – mirrors, silver material, paper, plant materials and stones found on the spot
Collective performance


Pyramus: And you, wall, or wall, or dear, lovable wall, show me the hole, that I can penetrate you with my gaze
Shakespeare in A Midsummer Night’s Dream
A performative event held in the Pineta of the Lidi Ferraresi at the invitation of the Maria Sorgato Association of Noale which oversaw the Pinus Pinea project, inspired by the Shakespearean text A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The thousand games of mirrors and fascinating interferences, the brilliant references of the text like fireworks are metaphorically represented here by silver branches, by long ribbons that move from the fir trees to the wind, luminous traces of the path in the pine forest. Around the branches and hanging from them, fronds and mobile and reflective surfaces create an effect that is visible even at night. The seduction of the striking apparitions inside a wood / labyrinth lead to a large fir tree and a circle of stones at its feet.
The fulcrum is this tree covered with small mirrors arranged in mosaic which break down the visual reality into a thousand fragments. At the foot of the tree, the silver stones each carry a letter to form the expression A – M – O – N – O – N – with a changing meaning depending on how and where the reading stops or begins. The visitors of the wood who participate in the performance, following the circular path marked by the stones, read aloud with always different interpretations.
Present artists:


Contemporary visual art:Filippo Corazza, Nellì Cordioli, Laura Gioso, Guido Marchesini, Lara Oreskovic, Barbara Pelizzon, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Volpato.
Sound installations: Lorenzo Tomio
Performances: Filippo Corazza, Nellì Cordioli, Giovanni Sartor, Paola Volpato.