MamAmam is a project on the subject of archaic, global motherhood, on organic nourishment and on the dependence of mother-child primitive bodies.

Mamaamam 4, t.m. su carta intelata, 170 x 100 cm
Mamaamam 1, t.m. su carta, 70 x 50 cm
Mamaamam 2, t.m. su carta, 56,5 x 38 cm
Mamaamam, t.m. su carta, part.
Mamaamam 4, t.m. su carta, part.
Mamaamam, t.m. su carta, part.


This work has been carried out in 1994 for the special issue of the ISTAR medical journal on natural birth.
Istar is the goddess of love, fertility and eroticism. Also associated with war, one of the eight gates of Babylon was dedicated to her. She had the appearance of a beneficial and terrifying goddess at the same time. By doing this work I realized and visualized how the humans world is generated by women.