One houndred of works on cotton paper realized from  2008 to 2016. The artworks’s titles are taken from Emily Dickinson’s poems – the poetries are indicated by T.H.Johnson. numbers.

Papers cut with crime news, chocolate papers, food nets, fragments and pages thrown in the basket. Recovering these residual and discard objects is the beginning point of the art action, an action that aims to challenge the flower: it will win? Bloom is result  wrote Emily Dickinson.  The flower is the result, the finish of surpassing the personal caos of human complexity. Tulipan is frequent, female symbol of harmony and beauty: it embodies absolute love, the numer of six petals is the magic number of the perfect balance between opposite shapes, able to animate a vital process.

Burned the Red at Bases J595, carta, 50x70cm, 2008
Dall'Ombra avanza Primavera, t.m. su carta, 50x70 cm, 2008
A lungo imprigionata lontano dalla Rosa E.D. J512. t.m, 50x70 cm, 2008
The Larger-slower Grow ED J1067, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
Her Silver Principle ED J1084, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
The Tents of Nature's Show, ED J637, t.m., 50x70cm, 2012
Problem, t.m., 83x66 cm, 2008
Old Flowers, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2008
Possession, not optional (Possesso senza Scelta) ED J1090 , t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
Baloons (dittico), t.m. su carta, 100x70 cm, coll. priv.
Little Man, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2008
Delight without a Cause ED J774, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
Truth in Unespected ED J555, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
Guarda dall'alto la sua Prigione e ne Ride ED J613, t.m., 35x50 cm, 2012, coll.priv.
Volumi di solida Magia ED J593, 50x70 cm, coll.priv.
Dew-is the Freshet in the grass (la rugiada è nell'erba una corrente) ED J.1097, 50x70 cm, 2012
L'Ampiezza della Vita gli si stende Davanti -ED J618, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
Accadde di incontrare una Perla ED J693 35x50 cm, 2015, coll.priv.
Silenziosi come briciole su un Piatto di Neve ED J216, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012
This is the Scarlet Way, carta, 50x70cm, 2006
Flyght, carta, 50x70cm, 2005 coll. priv.
Il Pensiero sotto un Velo così Sottile ED J210, t.m., 50x70 cm, 2012


copertina catalogo FLOWERS? a cura di Luigi Meneghelli, 2009
catalogo generale FLOWERS?, 2016 - Raccolta di tutte le opere "FLOWERS?"
Copertina Catalogo Tulip on Tower


FLOWERS? has ended with a dream: a trail of light came out of my studio and, stretching along the street, it pushed towards the center of the city, crossed the square and finally climbed the medieval tower, transforming itself into a tulip of light. Thus was born Tulip on Tower – a Flower for the city.

SOGNO T on T, elaborazione digitale


Below the video showing the phases of installation and assembly. Also a timelapse from morning to evening

Copertina Catalogo Tulip on Tower

Learn more  HERE    – the TULIP on TOWER by Vanilla Edizioni