Calvino’s baloons – first stage

I developed this project at the invitation of the leadership school at the new title of the school’s state to Italo Calvino.
The intervention, extended to the whole structure, intends to create a genuine role in the school which contains drawings and stunning images created by children in order to become even more their house keeping light and joyful, with the style of the dream and the fairy tale.

So I see long white walls of the school many balloons that rise to different heights – containers of fairy tales so represented like in the children drawings – by children designed for that space and shapes.
With a focus on the empty and full, to the rhythm of the composition, volumes and colors alternating in harmony was able to have their designs lightweight, dreaming …

The balloons thus became the leitmotif of the entire project, the drawings of children have been developed in the circle and so the book and so the installation of the exhibition at the end of May for their work in the Bell Tower from where they will fly high over the city with their drawings of fairy tales.