BLACK BOX Installation Cube, 300x300x300 cm, wood, canvas, canopy, moquette
200 ink drawings on Hanehmule paper 20×30 cm.
Inside: 3 stamps 300×100 cm. on black cardboard, uv flashlight, 2017

Site-specific project of a black box of memory, a large black cube entirely covered with portraits: they are the paper chines of the faces of the women killed between 2015 and 2017. By accessing the cube through a black curtain, you can read on the inner wall, all the women’s names, the date and the way they were killed. In a memory redefinition process.

The installation was curated by the AG NOIR Festival, organized by the Municipality of Andora and the C|E Contemporary Association, which then dedicated an evening event to the theme of feminicide, discussed together with the investigators of the Carabinieri, Lieutenant Colonel Biagio Carillo and Colonel Fabio Federici, author with psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi and journalist Massimo Numa of  the book “I Se e i Ma dell’Investigazione”.