BLACK BOX Installation Cube, 300x300x300 cm, wood, canvas, canopy, moquette
200 ink drawings on Hanehmule paper 20×30 cm.
Inside: 3 stamps 300×100 cm. on black cardboard, uv flashlight, 2017
Clicca per sfogliare il CATALOGO (testi di Cesare Biagini Selvaggi, Giorgia Calò, Delia Murer, Irene, Gaetano Salerno, Laura Zangarini)

The work collects two hundred ink portraits of women on 20x30cm cotton paper, which are forming together a gigantic pattern, comunicating the drama of a news story that never seems to end, femicide. The site-specific installation is a Black Box, located in the center of the Sala del Cenacolo (Last Supper Room) of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. Its external walls are literally filled with portraits of the victims. Their names are listed inside the cube, which can only be read through the use of a UV flashlight, which implies a willingness of the visitor to know the reality of the phenomenon.

This is an exhibition that allows the artist to open a close confrontation with the culture of representation, almost as if he wanted to find a new alphabet to codify a universal image language, acting deeply and penetrating the sensitivity of the observer. In this way the viewer grasps the sense of the massacre, going beyond the individual sphere and to the collective one. (from the text by Giorgia Calò).