Humans: Seeing, but not seeing enough – intuiting, but not knowing with certainty, suffer the abuse of war and violent death (MADRE E GUERRA (Mother and war), MILLENIUM, QUADRIGA), feeling the desire for life and feeling the hope to overcome the limit ( ABBRACCIO (Embrace), LEONARDESCA, PORTATRICE D’ACQUA (Water carrier), RONDINE(Swallow)).

Quadriga, t.m. su tela, 100x50 cm.
Millennium, trittico, carta intelata su tavola, 104 x 210 cm.
Madre e Guerra, smalto su tavola, 70 x 100 cm.
Abbraccio, smalto su tavola cm 100x70 cm. (coll. privata)
Rondine, t.m su tavola, 35 x 50 cm.
La Mossa del Cavallo (Blu), smalto, collage, pastelli su tavola, 100 x 70 cm.
Fauno Blu, smalto su tavola, 90x 120 cm.
Portatrice di acqua, smalto su tavola 106x144 cm.

Carried by golden legs that do not belong to us (FAUNO) – a destiny over us -, blindfolds cover our view to the eyes – there is a blindness in our progress (ME). Crossed by conflicts (FUOCO INTERNO Internal fire) we seem to move within a circle (BERCEAU).
The dream (SONNO ORO Gold sleep, SOGNO, SONNO VERA True sleep, LA MOSSA DEL CAVALLO The move of the horse) makes us glimpse an invisible, mysterious dimension that overcomes our deprivation of everyday life (CROCE F Cross F) and still makes us want to be divine.

Vera Dorme - smalto su carta intelata, 100x70 cm.
Sogno (Oca bianca) - smalto e collage su carta intelata, 142x105 cm.
Berceau, trittico, smalto e collage su tavola, 120 x 40 cm.
Croce F, smalto e collage su tavola, 105 x 112 cm.
Sonno Oro, acrilico su tela, 90x90 cm.
Leonardesca, olio, pastello collage su tela, 100 x 100 cm. (coll. privata)