The site specific work TAGLIO BIANCO was inspired by the artistic proposal of PaRDeS - Mirano Contemporary Art Research Laboratory - to develop the theme centered on the concept of the cosmos: Astralia between astronomy and astrology.
The disappointed ambition of thinking globally about a perceptible form of the cosmos inspired me this work which aims instead to “reflect” precisely if there is the ability to “perceive” it and on what then could be a possible method of understanding.
The idea is of a spatial cut - an inversion of the point of view: the earth with a reflective caesura raises its very being to the sky, while it subverts perspectives and opens up another dimension: above / below, inside / outside; it makes the below disappear: the net subtraction of the earth creates an infinite receptive opening, the absence of earth that contains a fullness of emptiness. The intuition that only in absence is there the space for the.

WHITE CUT, glass mirror 90 m x 10 cm.