Installation on the route La Ronda dell ‘Arte in Forte Mezzacapo: h 4 m. x 4 in diameter.
200 branches of corrugated and twisted pvc pipes, concrete, iron, plastic bottles, sheet metal, bells, year 2015 .

The tree has undergone a metamorphosis – it has turned black, its trunk an iron skeleton, the branches made of plastic, twisted like the crown of a Gorgon. It carries inside the memory of what he has received, of what he has absorbed from the sick air and earth.

The electro-welded iron trunk contains the bottles – recycled by the visitors of Forte M. Painted in fluorescent or black colors, some contain black tickets with the names of about 200 plants become extinct in Veneto in the last decades – a small place of memory of the plants that disappeared in our territory.

Each branch carries small leaves in recycled sheet metal at the bottom that makes light metallic sounds when moving. Here and there small bells are hanging to call the wind.

At night the trunk of the tree emits a slight light like a residual memory trace.

La Ronda dell’Arte is a park of sculptures, environmental installations and land art interventions located in the patrol path of Forte Mezzacapo, once military, which for about a kilometer runs around the fortified structure, immersed in the suggestive natural environment.

It is a cultural project curated by the art critic Gaetano Salerno, and is born from the synergistic collaboration between the Cultural Association From War to Peace | Forte alla Gatta and Segnoperenne and benefits from the patronage of the Municipality of Chirignago – Zelarino which manages the area owned by the Municipality of Venice.