Work done with the Humus Association focused on the transformation of the countryside and the invasion of plastic.
With its 193 liters of water consumed per person, Italy is the second country in the world for consumption of bottled mineral water.
Materials: recycled materials, plastic bottles
Year of execution: 2015
Exhibited at the Reverse, “Aspettando Artverona” (Waiting for Artverona).
1400 plastic bottles collected in the areas of Noale, Caorle, Forte Mezzacapo Mestre or conferred by acquaintances and friends form the first two levels of Matryoshka.
The bottles strung vertically form two concentric walls three meters high to form a kind of contemporary hut. Crossing the two layers of bottles, there is a trunk of electrowelded iron mesh from which headphones are hung to listen to recordings made by old peasants and peasants.
A resounding heart that testifies to what life was like on these lands before the arrival of plastic and petroleum derivatives.
Far from a feeling of nostalgia, there is a reflection on how we have become and what we want to be.