2006 – 2007

The 14 tables represented here are the final part of a performative work involving fifty women of the city of Mestre and Venice, which joined the project.

The center of the work is the query about the meaning of the sacred and permanence of the Madonna/Ancient Mother.
The research uses the reflection on gratitude (pushes the action to a guard outside of historical time). L ‘entire project , first performed in Mestre and Venice, includes interviews, a series of digital processing and photocomposition – documenting and preparing the stage for identifying women most “popular” in the city, photographic portraits of places, people, text poetry, memoirs and several letters, so the final work becomes a shared and collective path.
For each portrait is connected a photo and a phrase meant to be transcribed on the painting as a message posted to those who look.
It was presented in 2006 at the Cultural Centre Candiani in Mestre and in 2007 in the Mondadori Space in San Marco place in Venice.

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Interviews (italian language)